Save Money with a Validated List

AND Increase ROI by Improving Deliverability

Database Management

As a Canada Post Expert Partner we process tens of millions of mail pieces that of course, come from hundreds of millions of data records. We understand the value of a clean, standardized and validated list. It is not well known that Canada Post has a penalty charge for mailings under 95% accuracy, all mailings must be accompanied by a Validation report that is only good for a limited amount of time, never more than 31 days.


It is not well known that Canada Post has a penalty charge for mailings under 95% accuracy.


Save money by qualifying for Canada Post’s accuracy-based postal discounts.
Save costs associated with returned mail processing.
Increase response rates by improving your ability to personalize communications.
Increase marketing campaign ROI by improving deliverability.
Improved record matching capability for duplicate elimination, merge/purge, NCOA, etc.
Increased accuracy of data analysis.

How will Database Management Improve My List?

At DE Mailing we offer many data services and our expert team will work with you to ensure you save the utmost possible on your mailing using one or more of the following services.

Duplicate Identification (Merge/Purge)
Our Duplication Identification services use matching algorithms to identify duplicates in your data. Often used when merging several lists to ensure duplicate addresses are removed. This prevents customers from receiving multiple pieces of the same mail. Once completed, a summary report will be provided with statistical data describing the results. All records in the duplicate set, except the survivor record, are marked with a duplicate flag.

We can identify and remove duplicate records based on several criteria:

  • One per person per address
  • One per address
  • One per family (last name) per address
  • One per company

Priorities can also be set on duplicates, to keep whichever record you wish. For example, we can keep a Patient record over a Donor record, a Female record over a Male record, or records that have the most complete information.

Our software can also remove records that do not wish to be mailed. If you maintain an internal suppression list, or wish to remove records found on the CMA’s Do Not Mail Service, we can quickly identify and remove these records.

Note: 2-20% of your records are likely to be identified as duplicates.

Address Validation & Correction
Canada Post requires all mailings over 5,000 pieces meet at least 95% accuracy, failure to comply can result in surcharges to your mailing. Address Accuracy will validate and correct key mailing elements of your records against the Canada Post master database of all Canadian addresses. Our Address Accuracy report will return your records with corrections and flags for valid and invalid addresses.

In most cases this improves lists dramatically and we often see improvements of 20% to 40%

Additionally while performing address accuracy we can correct the casing of the address, convert French areas to the correct language and add accents.

Note: This is a standard service performed on all mailing lists entrusted to DE Mailing.

Mailing to a correct address is important, but unless any resident at that address will do, your efforts may be wasted.Approximately 1.2 million households file a change of address notification with Canada Post each year, are you confident that your mailing list is up to date?

  • Are your customers, subscribers, or donors still living where they were when you added them to your mailing list?
  • Statistics show that 20% of the Canadian population and businesses move each year; are you positive that you are still reaching your target?
  • With the cost of creative, print, mailing and postage can you afford to have a portion of your mail recycled by an incorrect recipient?

Get access to 72 months’ (6 years) worth of the most accurate mover information available – including residential and business moves and deceased estates. We can also process at the same time against the Canadian Marketing Associations “Do Not Mail” list if requested. Our master NCOA database is updated monthly, so we recommend using this service frequently.

Note: For the next mailing, after the NCOA, ask for a “Return postage guaranteed“ postage indicia on your envelope. Canada Post will return undeliverable mail to you. This will catch those people who have moved, but did not use the CPC Address Forwarding program and haven’t provided a new address, allowing you to update your database.

Our Geocoding solution cleans data, standardizes addresses and validates the accuracy of source addresses before calculating geocodes. By applying multiple parsing and matching algorithms across postal, third-party and proprietary data sets, you can overcome problems associated with changing postal codes, poor data entry and missing information to generate more precise data.

Some examples of businesses who use Geocoding:

  • Direct marketing companies can target marketing campaigns and analyze response rates
  • Insurance companies can better understand risk; costs/competitive prices vary by location
  • Utility companies to map their assets
  • Real Estate companies to map their properties, analyze customer demographics and forecast trends and long term planning within the market activity
  • Retail companies analyze customer demographics, and tailor specific advertising to a geographical area
  • Health care professionals to better allocate resources based on demographics
  • Telecommunication companies to plot signal coverage

Geographic location is a significant marketing element for many businesses. Contact us to learn more.

Gender Append
The Gender Append Service adds male/female/unisex identifiers to your list based on first name data. Using an extensive 160,000+ name dictionary containing names of many nationalities and origins as well as nicknames. Gender Append is an essential list maintenance tool for many data management projects. It allows marketers to create gender-based personalized communications with their customers and prospects.

Such personalization typically results in increased response rates. Gender is often an important demographic and will allow you to filter and analyze your data identifying new opportunities for your marketing campaigns.

Mailing Lists

B2B Data for Business Lists

Maximize your direct mail efforts with quality business mailing lists from the industry’s best B2B list database. Easily pinpoint the business leads most likely to buy your products or services.

1.5 million Canadian Business on file, Employee size, SIC code and Title

B2B Data for Consumer Lists

Increase sales and boost response rates for your direct marketing efforts with direct mail lists that target the best consumer prospects for your products or services. Build custom lists of sales leads using a full range of criteria.

12 million Canadian Consumers on file, name address, phone number along with last name tables and purchasing behaviors.

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