Direct Mail

Advertising by Direct Mail, to any consumer or business in Canada, is a vital part of today’s marketing mix because it delivers what customers want – relevant promotional information they can read when and where they want.

Available Services:

Neighbourhood MailTM

Target mailings to neighbourhoods that have the highest potential audience – without the use of a customer database by using geographic, demographic and lifestyle information.

LOCAL 2 days  |  Provincial 3-4 days  |  National 3-7 days

Postal Code Targeting

When you need the influence of personalized mail, but don’t want the added costs of lists.

LOCAL 3 days  |  Provincial 4 days  |  National 5 days

Personalized MailTM

Personalize mailings and tailor promotional messages to specific customers or prospects. All items must have the same purpose & goal to motivate the individual to take action. Provide your own mailing list or customize a list using the Canada Post database.

LOCAL 3 days  |  Provincial 4 days  |  National 5 days

LettermailTM and Incentive LettermailTM

Most convenient way in Canada to send personal messages, business correspondence, invoices and billing statements within Canada.

LOCAL 2 days  |  Provincial 3 days  |  National 4 days

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