Neighbourhood MailTM Postage Rates

Canada Post Neighbourhood MailTM (formerly known as Unaddressed Mail) postage rates below are effective as of January 14, 2019.

Target mailings to neighbourhoods that have the highest potential audience – without the use of a customer database by using geographic, demographic and lifestyle information.

  up to 50g over 50g up to 100g over 100g
Standard 16.4¢ 18.5¢ 28.0¢ + 0.24¢ per g over 100g
Oversize 17.5¢ 19.9¢ 29.2¢ + 0.24¢ per g over 100g


  Standard or Oversize Standard Oversize
Transportation 1.0¢    
Specified Delivery Start Date   1.0¢ no charge

Size & Weight – Letter Carrier Routes

  Length Width Thickness Weight
Minimum size* 70cm2(area)   .18mm  
Maximum size – Standard 30.50cm 15.24cm 1.91cm up to 230g
Maximum size – Oversize 30.50cm 22.85cm 1.91cm up to 230g

*Regular-shaped items (square & rectangle) and irregular-shaped items (triangle or circle) must have an area of at least 70 cm2

Size & Weight – Non Letter Carrier Routes

  Length Width Thickness Weight
Maximum size – Standard 30.50cm 15.24cm 3.81cm 1 kg
Maximum size – Oversize 35.56cm 28cm 3.81cm 1 kg


Neighbourhood Mail campaigns of 1,000 mail pieces or more, may be eligible for cheaper postage rates. Call our Direct Mail Experts for details.

Why Use Neighbourhood MailTM Services?

  • Lowest Postage Rates of all Canada Post products
  • Great for postcards, brochures, coupons, menus, flyers, samples and more.

How does Neighbourhood MailTM Work?

Target Specific Letter Carrier Walks

  • Neighbourhood Mail (formerly known as Unaddressed Admail) targets specific letter carrier walks that match closely with your intended audience and custom profiles
  • Use Canada Post’s professional data services such as Precision Targeter to map out certain areas and assess their value towards your goal
  • You choose what letter carrier routes you want to include in your mail drop

Narrow it Down Even Further

  • Neighbourhood Mail (formerly known as Unaddressed Admail) allows you to differentiates between Houses, Apartments/Condos, Farms and Businesses
  • Focus your direct mailing to include additional demographics such as:
    • Age
    • Household size
    • Building Occupancy
    • Building Type
    • Education
    • Household Income
    • Occupation
    • Marital Status
    • Children at Home

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