Postal Code Targeting Postage Rates

Postal Code Targeting postage rates through Canada Post shown below are effective as of January 14, 2019.

When you need the influence of personalized mail, but don’t want the added costs of lists.

Average Pricing

Postal Code Targeting postal rates fall in between the standard Neighbourhood MailTM postage rate of 17.4 cents per piece and the standard Personalized MailTM postage rate of 48.5 cents per piece.

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All Postal Code Targeting mail items must be machinable standard-size pieces.

Category Standard (up to 50g)
Machinable 31.2¢

Size & Weight – Mandatory for Machinable Mail

Aspect Ratio
(L / W)
Cards 215 mm to 245 mm 140 mm to 156 mm 0.2 mm to 0.35 mm 1.3:1 to 2.6:1 2 g to 50 g
Envelope & Self-mailers 140 mm to 245 mm 90 mm to 156 mm 0.18 mm to 5 mm 1.3:1 to 2.6:1 2 g to 50 g

How Does Postal Code Targeting Work?

Postal Code Targeting is a valuable tool for gaining new prospects with the same attributes as your best clientele.

  • Postal Code Targeting (PCT) allows businesses to reach look-a-like customers that belong to the same postal codes as your current clients, with the purpose of zeroing-in on similar customer profiles
  • With access to Canada’s largest database of over 15.8 million addresses, Postal Code Targeting applies information on who shops, their frequency, and the specific departments and product categories that shoppers buy within
  • Filter for specific demographics such as
    • Family characterists
    • Building / dwelling type
    • Household income
    • Age of resident(s)
    • Education, and more

Don’t want to send the mailer to your current customers?

  • Postal Code Targeting allows you to suppress your current customers from the mailing (if preferred)

Can We Target Businesses?

  • Postal Code Targeting (PCT) also observes a variety of characteristics for direct mail acquisitions that focus on businesses
  • Filter for specific demographics such as
    • Industry Type
    • Company Sales
    • Number of Employees, and more

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