There is a good chance the above statement is true if you don’t presently deal direct with a mailing house.  Many businesses allow their printers, marketing agencies and even courier company (UPS/FedEX etc) to manage their mailings.

Besides an additional company adding their markups to your job, there are some other equally important reasons to deal direct with your mailing house.

Printing only what you need:  You should see the waste that comes from printers producing your job based on an unprocessed list.  We clean and standardize your data, along with running de-dupe and NCOA (as requested) this will almost always reveal records to be eliminated from your list.  This means you can print less and reduce postage by removing invalid addresses.

Non standard or qualifying designs:  Canada Post has guidelines for size, shape, weight and design content we often see printed pieces pass through that if the client had reached out in the design stages we could have saved them a lot of money.  Our team may be able to suggest design modifications and content tweaks resulting in reduced print and postage.

A simple call to action could save you 40 cents per piece on postage

DM specialists are the Bomb:  Dealing direct allows you to consult with a Direct Mail Specialist who will be able to guide you to the best delivery options for your mailing.  With new options like Postal Code Targeting (PCT), LTL shipments direct to depot and discounts/incentives that aren’t common knowledge a couple of minute conversation may make a world of difference.

Save the trees: Printing less will save trees, removing un-mailable data from your mailing list results in Canada Post taking less undeliverables to the landfills. Good karma and money in your pocket!

Although we are happy to manage your printing, we aren’t suggesting that you drop your printer or agency. Just change the involvement of mailing houses like ours from the end to the beginning. A quick phone call or meeting at the planning stages will result in a smoother mailing.