The main advantage of direct mailing is its ability to get one-to-one personal  with your existing and prospective customers. When the customer receives the direct email it is like the marketer is directly talking to the customer. In direct marketing using mailing, the work is easy for you can prepare and post the messages in small portions over a specified time. Direct marketing allows for price testing, creating potential leads and periodic offers. Direct mail eventually captures the control over media, the customers and all the offers that you create.

In addition to direct mail being quick and easy to prepare, the response is rapid thus you can project the end leads or results of the direct marketing fast and accurate. This enables you to build advertising campaigns that exude you confidence; you can test the reaction by sending the mailing to a portion of your  list before indulging in larger mailings; the mailing list may contain contacts that can be reached through telemarketing services that are external or either internal.

With the use of a carefully developed mailing list, the direct marketing campaign can target the customers more selectively than most of the other media. You can generate more leads in almost all market segments for customer profiles, or area of interest you deem is most appropriate for your business.

In direct mail your message does not have massive competition with other advertising messages as the competitors have little knowledge of what you send to the customers; a direct mail message is personalized. And if your competitor catches wind, you can easily change your strategy no one including the competitors and the next customer specifically knows what you discussed with the earlier customer or the next. The nature of the direct mail messages being more personalized and being delivered through the email-merging techniques, more informal language can be used in writing your letters and you can direct the letter message to specific interest point of the reader.

It is possible to enhance newspaper advertising and build customer awareness by complimenting the available print advertising with the desired impact of targeted direct email. Once the general information about your business is given on a print advertisement, the more specific details can be given through the direct mailing which is personalized to your potential customer. These are sent to the leads gained through the advertisement.

Be sure to make it easy to track your results by adding an offer, coupon or call to action that will allow you to track the results of your mailing and allow you to qualify for the best discounts with Canada Post.